January 04, 2014

Each year in January, I re-assess the weddings I covered the year before. Remembering what trends were new, what was different about each event, and what was typical about each couple, their ceremony, and their reception.This past year confirmed to me that any wedding, at it's main common denominator, has more to do with the love the couple feels for each other than the hundreds of details featured. Face it, weddings are a big business and vendors such as florists, caterers, bakers, party planners, calligraphers, etc., all want their creations shown and to be in step with the desires of the couple. But the photography vendor has a completely different purpose and freeze in time the hundreds of emotional moments experienced throughout the couple's wedding day. Yes, photographers want their photos of happy, crying, beautiful brides and grooms viewed, shown and fawned over. But, when the wedding event ends, photographs will be the one, physical, lasting elements of that special day. The flowers will decompose, the cake will be eaten, and the programs/invitations will mostly end up in the trash. Photographs remain. Whether printed and beautifully framed on the newlyweds' walls or displayed happily on social media sites...they are unique.As this new year starts off with a bang, think how important photography will be to you, your family, and friends as you plan one of the ...

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED on the Way to the Chapel - Part 2
November 04, 2013

If you read Part 1 of this continued post, you'll remember that I said weddings are serious as well as exciting occassions. Now enjoy a few more memorable and humorous stories about some weddings I have photographed.(4) Carriage Rides. To ride along with newlyweds in their getaway carriage to a honeymoon hotel is a great treat for any photographer. The photos in that setting are always romantic, fun and unique. However, accomplishing them calls for flexibility on the part of the camera person and the couple. Climbing into and riding backwards in the carriage cab requires some agility and stability especially with a heavy camera dangling around my neck.  On one carriage ride, the horse-drawn carriage traveled through the twinkling lights of downtown and arrived at the hotel entrance 10 minutes later than expected. I jumped down from the cab to open the hotel door so the couple could have easy access when entering. They descended their ride, groom carrying the bride in his arms, only to find that the hotel doors were locked. I peered through the doors waving frantically to passing employees inside who only frowned at me and walked away. I began banging on the exterior doors to get someone's attention. Finally, two blazered managers wearily opened the doors to ask what I was doing. When I informed them that the couple had a reservation at their establishment that night and ...

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED on the Way to the Chapel - Part 1
October 31, 2013

Weddings are serious and exciting occassions. In retrospect, I realized there have been plenty of uh-oh and humorous things that happened at some of these weddings over the years.Enjoy a few of my more memorable photography events:(1) The Barefoot Bride. The bride and her mother arrived a bit late on her wedding day. It was obvious they were both flustered, nerves were at a peak as they were trying to remember all the details. In hopes of starting photography soon after they got to the church, I took photos of the bride as she completed getting dressed. As I snapped images, the bride was still missing a few things like jewelry, flowers, garter, and shoes. Yet the bride good-naturedly smiled and looked gorgeous for the pre-wedding session as the missing items were brought to her for the photos. At the designated time, the bride prepared to walk down the aisle. She grabbed her flowers and turned to her mom for her wedding shoes. Unfortunately her mom thought that the bride had brought her shoes while the bride thought her mom had them. With only minutes before the bridal processional, they both agreed that the bride should walk the aisle barefooted. Since her dress was floor-length, no one ever spied her bare feet, and the wedding went off without further tramua.(2) The Cake Catastrophe. As I parked near the little chapel in the wood, I saw the bride wearing her veil and a short ...