A FUNNY THING HAPPENED on the Way to the Chapel - Part 1
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May 15, 2019
By Brenda Jobe
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Weddings are serious and exciting occassions. In retrospect, I realized there have been plenty of uh-oh and humorous things that happened at some of these weddings over the years.

Enjoy a few of my more memorable photography events:

(1) The Barefoot Bride. The bride and her mother arrived a bit late on her wedding day. It was obvious they were both flustered, nerves were at a peak as they were trying to remember all the details. In hopes of starting photography soon after they got to the church, I took photos of the bride as she completed getting dressed. As I snapped images, the bride was still missing a few things like jewelry, flowers, garter, and shoes. Yet the bride good-naturedly smiled and looked gorgeous for the pre-wedding session as the missing items were brought to her for the photos. At the designated time, the bride prepared to walk down the aisle. She grabbed her flowers and turned to her mom for her wedding shoes. Unfortunately her mom thought that the bride had brought her shoes while the bride thought her mom had them. With only minutes before the bridal processional, they both agreed that the bride should walk the aisle barefooted. Since her dress was floor-length, no one ever spied her bare feet, and the wedding went off without further tramua.

(2) The Cake Catastrophe. As I parked near the little chapel in the wood, I saw the bride wearing her veil and a short white robe coming out of the front door. She was waving her arms curiously. The closer I got to her, thinking she was waving because she was glad to see me and ready to get photography started, I heard her say, "My cake is ruined!" The cake lady had been transporting the 3-layer masterpiece of a cake to the reception site in her car. She was forced to come to a sudden stop in traffic, and the cake, which had been sitting on the seat next to her, fell completely upside down on her floor board. Horrified and crying, the baker called the bride to tell her the bad news. She also informed the bride that she would have another cake personally delivered to the reception in time and for her not to worry. The bride stressed about it somewhat, but, to her credit, she moved on with the proceedings of the wedding. Fast-forward to the completion of the ceremony, and the newlyweds entered the reception to cheers of their friends and family. When it was time to cut the cake, the replacement cake happened to be 1/3 the size of the original which made the last name inital topper look out of proportion. Plus, the cake was a flavor that wasn't pleasing to the couple's palates. As the cutting was completed, the bride put on her best smile and moved on to the toasts to wash down the unpleasant taste. Sad, but true, yet a great example of making the best of an unexpected situation.

(3) Late Limos. When brides arrange pick-up times with limo companies to transport them from the ceremony site to the reception location, many times the time length of the service is miscalculated. On several occassions, couples walked through an array of flowers or bubbles being tossed or blown their way, only to discover that there was no limo waiting for them at the end of the walkway. One couple solved their no-ride dilemna by taking a few intimate photos outside the church while they patiently waited for the limo to arrive. Since their ceremony took 10 minutes less than expected, they hesitantly looked for the limo to arrive at the designated time...even though it seemed late to them. In another situation, the limo driver really was late. The frustrated couple directed everyone to move on to the reception site, stating they would join the guests later when the limo could take them there. When it finally did come (about 20 minutes late), the couple just shrugged and laughed it off, enjoying a leisurely ride to their reception. Planning note to future brides: instruct your limo company to have the car available sooner than you think in order to avoid just these types of situations...even if it costs a bit more.

These are a few of the unexpected happenings that can occur at a wedding. Read the continuation of this post in Part 2, for a few more interesting and humorous antecdotes.

All weddings depicted here are true. The brides shall remain unnamed because these situations could have happened to anyone!

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