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May 15, 2019
By Brenda Jobe
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Each year in January, I re-assess the weddings I covered the year before. Remembering what trends were new, what was different about each event, and what was typical about each couple, their ceremony, and their reception.

This past year confirmed to me that any wedding, at it's main common denominator, has more to do with the love the couple feels for each other than the hundreds of details featured. Face it, weddings are a big business and vendors such as florists, caterers, bakers, party planners, calligraphers, etc., all want their creations shown and to be in step with the desires of the couple.

But the photography vendor has a completely different purpose and freeze in time the hundreds of emotional moments experienced throughout the couple's wedding day. Yes, photographers want their photos of happy, crying, beautiful brides and grooms viewed, shown and fawned over. But, when the wedding event ends, photographs will be the one, physical, lasting elements of that special day. The flowers will decompose, the cake will be eaten, and the programs/invitations will mostly end up in the trash. Photographs remain. Whether printed and beautifully framed on the newlyweds' walls or displayed happily on social media sites...they are unique.

As this new year starts off with a bang, think how important photography will be to you, your family, and friends as you plan one of the highlights of your life. Photos remain. 

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