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March 05, 2013

Since Photiq provides photography for weddings and life after weddings, I thought I'd share a few images and thoughts about infant portrait photography. Most young parents take lots of photos of their new babies! Some are great, some not so great. But the fact that the child's life is being documented is the most important thing. Bravo to you parents out there snapping away! Obviously, with infants and young children, the photos are always candid since they're too young to really pose (even though I've had some infants look directly into the lens!). Their unassuming lack of posing is one of the things I really enjoy about photographing children!Not all children will smile for the camera even though they may be all laughs for their parents' photos. Infants, especially, are true to themselves....if they don't want to smile, they'll stare down the camera. If they want to smile or giggle, it's not because they know their photo is being's because they're happy. Both serious and smiling photos of infants are fascinating character studies as to what types of people these little ones may become some day.Featured here are portraits of one little girl with an array of expressions hinting at her forming personality. All of her photos are unique and beautiful.    Parents, if you want all smiles in your babies' photos, but are disappointed that they ...