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May 15, 2019
By Brenda Jobe
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Engagement photos can be taken at a variety of places and can reflect a lot about the personality of the couple. Below are my 3 favorite picks for engagement photo sites in the Memphis area. As the pictures capture the romance and excitement of each engaged pair, it's fun to watch their interaction in these beautiful and exciting parts of town.

PICK #1: Downtown Memphis 

There are terrific areas available all around downtown Memphis for engagement photos. Couples can enjoy the views of downtown and the Mississippi River from parks and roof-tops. They can be photographed against architectural elements such as alleys and high-rises, or enjoy time on/around trolleys running the length of historic Main Street. And then there's renowned Beale Street which is full of activity, sounds, and rich visuals every day and evening. If a couple is up for some colorful fun, this is definitely a location to consider for their engagement session.


PICK #2: Memphis Botanic Garden

No matter what time of year, the Memphis Botanic Garden offers gorgeous backgrounds that always embrace those in love. With the Japanese Gardens as part of this collective naturescape, there are evergreens in the winter and pear trees and azaleas in the spring. Seasonal color, fountains, a koi-stocked lake, an outdoor pavilion, and scenic walking paths provide a wide variety of picturesque options to show off a future Mr. and Mrs. For those with a love of outdoors, this could be just the spot!

PICK #3: Rhodes College

The classic stone architecture and tree-filled views of Rhodes College provide great areas for more traditional engagement photos. There's a timeless feel about the ivy-covered stonework throughout the university campus as couples enjoy arched entrances on many buildings, stained-glass windows visible from brick colonnades and park-like settings year round. 

The enthusiasm of newly-engaged couples can be set against just about any backdrop. These areas will always be beautiful and exciting because of the emotion the photographed couples bring to their sessions.


These picks are my top 3 for now. Who knows...I may have to add more to the list in the future as couples continue to suggest/request a variety of locations for their celebration photos. Engagement sessions are an important way to prepare the couple for their next big photo day...their wedding!

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